Corona restaurant owner helps stop armed robbery suspects who tried to kidnap woman

A restaurant owner is credited with stopping a group of armed robbers accused of trying to kidnap a woman in Corona.

The Corona Police Department responded to a call from a restaurant in the 700 block of West Sixth Street around 4 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. According to police, a group of suspects pointed a gun at the restaurant's property owner's head, robbed her and dragged her toward their getaway vehicle.

The woman was able to shake the armed suspects off and got away, Corona PD said. The owner of the restaurant, Thai Tuk Tuk, saw the suspects drive off and decided to follow them.

As the restaurant owner followed the suspects on the 91 Freeway, the suspects pointed a gun at the business owner. The suspects pulled over on the side of the freeway and ditched the car just as police spotted them.

All three suspects were eventually found and arrested. 

Officials have not released the suspects' identities.

Prior to their arrests, the suspects had tried to burglarize Thai Tuk Tuk but the property owner scared off the suspects. It is unknown how much money the suspects got away with prior to targeting the property owner, the woman they tried to kidnap.

Corona PD is helping with investigations on the suspects' alleged crime sprees. Bail enhancements of $1 million were approved for all three suspects, according to Corona PD.

Police say all three suspects are from Los Angeles County. As of Thursday night, it is unknown if the suspects have criminal histories or were wanted for other crimes.