Construction sites in L.A. face security concerns following incidents

The construction boom in Los Angeles means tower cranes are a common sight, but recently, there have been incidents involving unauthorized people climbing atop these cranes -- some even, falling to their deaths.

Thursday morning, workers were surprised to see a man who had managed to access the crane, climbing to the top, then falling and landing near the Metro tracks below. Service was disrupted for hours as police investigated the incident and the coroner removed the body of the unidentified man.

For days, Fox 11 News has asked how this man could not only walk onto an active construction site but also climb to the top of the crane and across the boom. We called the city, LAPD and the state. -- and still, no one could say what, if any kind of security is required to keep this kind of thing from happening.

This is hardly the first time someone has accessed a crane. In April 2018, this man dangled perilously from a crane in Hollywood before he came down and surrendered to police.

In 2017, at least two incidents occurred. A man pursued by police climbed a crane at the port, and in downtown L.A. a man safely surrendered to police after climbing a tower crane.

Cal/Osha released a statement that read in part:

"...Will ask the contractors to review their security procedures regarding the public entering worksites. Based on the nature of this incident not involving workers, Cal/Osha will not open an investigation."


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