'Common Sense Camp' aims to help kids with practical life skills

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Do your kids have practical life skills such as doing laundry, cooking, and building furniture?  If not, they may need "Common Sense" summer camp.

"When our kids would do something and think shouldn't they know how to do that, we'd look at each other and say our kids need Common Sense Camp," said Oona Hanson. 

Angelenos, Oona and her husband are the camp counselors at the camp they created for their kids.

Here's a break down of each week's curriculum:

Week 1: Kitchen Confidence

They'll learn fundamentals of cooking, like reading a recipe, knife skills, and cleanup.

Week 2: Do it yourself week 

Your children will learn how to use common tools, change a light bulb, and make small home repairs. 

Week 3: House cleaning and laundry

They'll have to clean, fold, and put away their laundry -- without shrinking anything or turning it pink.

They'll also learn about what each kind of cleaning product is used for and then put them to use.

Week 4: Safety and emergency preparedness

Living in Los Angeles, home to earthquakes and fires, disaster preparedness and response is vital for kids and adults to learn. That'll be part of week four's curriculum too.

Week 5: Personal finance

You’ll address everything from writing a check to using a banking app. 

During this week, you'll teach them necessary financial skills such as budgeting, saving, investing, and donating.

Week 6: City savviness

They’ll review how to read a paper map and navigate public transportation.

Week 7: Social skills

This is about teaching them formalities like handshakes, basic manners and communication skills.

Week 8: Anti-racism

Anti-racist education is not something that can be completed in a week.

However, it aims to focus on discussing topics like black history, and practical steps for becoming better allies and activists.

Because of the incredible response to her camp, Oona and her husband wrote a full Common Sense Summer Camp guide for parents. 

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