Classic Ferrari housed inside Hollywood apartment for decades

There's an apartment building on a small Hollywood street that would never catch your attention unless you knew that for the last 35 years, a car has been living in one of its apartments.

That's right, a classic Italian car chilling in a one-bedroom Hollywood apartment.

The car is a Ferrari GT 250 Pininfarina coupe, according to Ted Gushue with the auto website

There's been a bit of an urban legend for a long time of a car in an apartment, but now we know it's true. Here's the scoop on the coupe.

Gushue says the owner of the apartment complex bought the car from the 1960's. In the 80's, he intended to restore it.

"He had actually begun the restoration process and because it was the 80's, and in Hollywood, it wasn't so safe for him to have the car under a tarp," Gushue said.

So 35 years ago, the apartment building owner, a second or third owner of this car, took down the wall and moved his prized possession into a one bedroom apartment to restore the car.

Now, keep in mind not many were made of this big, sleek driving machine with a big V-12 engine. Gushue says the engine made it sound like a symphony out on the road.

The apartment, filled with boxes of things like magazines of the day, was like a total time capsule. But as luck would have it, the owner couldn't finish his project and decided to sell the car.

A very hard thing to have to do when you have such passion and look at cars as beautiful, valuable art.

To understand that passion, you have to talk to someone who has it like the man who owns all of these Alfa Romeos.

Afshin Behnia, who is the CEO of, has a fleet of Alfa Romeos that he owns. He collects them. In fact, he has one from 1960 that's worth the same value as the Ferrari that's been living in an apartment building.

To him, finding the Hollywood car is fantastic. He says it's cool to see such a discovery. It's like finding a piece of art that you didn't know about.

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