'Celebrating a Vision' for cancer survivors

An illness for any of us is a game changer. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month we highlight a woman, who's never had cancer herself, on a mission to grant wishes to others fighting cancers.

Setting sail with Celebrating A Vision is a passion project for Sonya Adams. A sunset sail took 50 people to sea on this day in August for a two-hour sail. Many of them were children who've battled cancer, but also on board, breast cancer survivor Angela Richardson and her two children.

She's two years into remission. It was the family's first time on a boat. 

"It was cool since I like science. I got to learn a lot of stuff," said her son, CJ.

Celebrating a Vision's second sunset sail was part of what Adams calls her random acts of kindness. She started doing recognitions 10 years ago. Comedic actress Luenell was a donor to her sunset sail. 

Adams says, "Our mission is to encourage them to live their best life, cancer free."  

Those interested in learning more or donating to Celebrating A Vision can click here.