Cause of Victorville explosion remains unknown; Neighborhood banding together to help victims

Most residents on Victorville’s Adalane Court thought it was a sonic boom or an earthquake. 

For resident Joshlyn Brunt, the middle-of-the-night explosion at the house next door was horrifying. 

"After the huge blast, I ran to get my children from their beds and I couldn’t open their doors," he said. 

Such was the force of the blast. 

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Just as horrifying was the sound of things landing on her yard and porch, including the body of her badly burned 25-year-old neighbor, identified as Sheryl King.

"She was so badly burned," adds a shaken Brunt, speaking to us from the hotel she is staying at. 

Photos in the story link show the extensive damage to her place, which is one of the two red-tagged properties on the block. The house that exploded is barely recognizable as a structure, let alone a home. King is listed in critical but stable condition, with burns on over 90% of her body.

Residents on the usually quiet cut de sac are uneasy, but mobilizing to help all the families affected. Teenagers stand with donation boxes down the street, while a GoFundMe page has been set up for the Brunt family.

"I am humbled" says Joshlyn," we haven’t had time to figure out how we are even going to replace our children’s things, let alone find a place to live for a while, near their schools".

"It’s that kind of a neighborhood," says neighbor Tianna Lee Stewart.  

Kati Rogers, who bought her home less than a month ago, adds, "I would have never imagined something like this happening, but how this has brought everyone together makes me still happy I moved here, even after this!"

All of them adding they are praying for the 25-year-old King, who has not regained consciousness since she was airlifted to the hospital. Investigators are still waiting to be able to communicate with her.

Neighbors say she had been complaining of a gas odor in the days prior. Southwest Gas, which services the neighborhood- issuing a statement.

"Southwest Gas responded to an incident near Adalane Court and Llanada Avenue in Victorville. Our hearts are with the person injured in this incident and we thank first responders for their quick response. Safety is our top priority and our crews have turned gas off to the impacted residences and worked with first responders to ensure the area is safe and secure. While the cause of this incident remains under investigation, Southwest Gas has thoroughly inspected the incident site and surrounding area for gas leaks. No leaks were found. All Southwest Gas infrastructure serving the community is operating without issue. As part of Southwest Gas’ rigorous safety practices, a Southwest Gas contractor conducted periodic routine leak inspection work in the area last month. No leaks were found at that time either. Southwest Gas will continue to work closely with officials at the scene to provide any necessary assistance."

Victorville Fire investigators tell us that they have found no indication of fireworks or drug production a the house. Victorville PD adds that there have been no calls for trouble from the location, that they can remember. So at least for now, the cause remains a mystery.