Car once used to shuttle Adolf Hitler being sold at auction

A Mercedes-Benz that was used to shuttle Adolf Hitler around will be auctioned off in Scottsdale.

The historic car is being sold by an anonymous owner, and it could sell for a lot of money.

"We estimate that the car will probably sell in the $10 million or $15 million range," said John Kruse, Principal Auctioneer with Worldwide Auctioneers.

The car was used to drive Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler around during World War II.

"This car was ordered new by, built for, and used by German tyrant Adolf Hitler," said Kruse.

History buffs have been inquiring about the car, but not to celebrate a dark time in world history.

"To me, it is the ultimate war trophy, and I love the fact that it's an automobile, because the automobile. as well as victory over tyranny. represent freedom for much of the world, especially our way of life here in the United States," said Kruse.

The car, a Mercedes-Benz supercharged 770k, with armor and bulletproof glass, is prevalent in many videos of the tyrant.

Worldwide Auctioneers have partnered with an internationally recognized tolerance center, and proceeds from the car's sale will benefit anti-hate programs.

"We have partnered with the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, so 10% of the proceeds of this car will be going to them," said Kruse.

Simon Wiesenthal was a Holocaust survivor who dedicated his life to tracking down Nazi war criminals, and bringing them to justice.

"As Rabbi [Marvin] Hier, the Founder and Dean of the center said recently, Adolf Hitler would roll over in his grave if he knew part of the money of his car is going to their work," said Kruse. "That is awesome."

That car is fully functional, and it will be driven out on Wednesday night, during the auction.