Canadian space agency shares satellite image of Earth internet says resembles a cat

The Canadian Space Agency posted a satellite photo of a region the internet concluded resembles a cat. (Canadian Space Agency)

On Feb. 23 the Canadian Space Agency tweeted a satellite view of Cape Breton Highlands in Nova Scotia with hopes of wowing viewers with the region’s incredible geological variety and history. 

But the only thing the internet seemed to notice was how much the area looks like a cat. 

CSA acknowledged the observation with a follow up post on Twitter. 

"So apparently, quite a few of you see a cat in this satellite image. Does it mean it should have been named Cat Breton instead of Cape Breton? Help us sort out this confusion please," wrote the agency.

The Cape Breton Highlands contain some of Nova Scotia’s oldest rocks. 

"This image is a combination of Sentinel-2 satellite imagery dated April 25, 2021, and a hill shading image derived from provincial lidar elevation data. This windswept, snow-covered boreal plateau is surrounded by steep-sided ravines, fast-flowing rivers and waterfalls pouring off escarpments," CSA wrote.