California taking another step to address organized retail crime

California Attorney General Rob Bonta, along with several major retailers and online marketplaces, signed a first-of-its-kind agreement Tuesday committing to specific actions aimed at helping address the growing issue of organized retail crime.

The agreement will help advance information-sharing and detection regarding the loss of items from various stages of the supply chain, including cargo and retail goods, that may end up for sale online.

A new online reporting form has also been created and is available for people to report retail crime and/or tips. The online portal can be found at

According to a statement from the state, in 2022, California passed into law a package of legislation to address retail crime. This new organized retail crime agreement advances the intent and purpose of this legislation, which includes:

• Senate Bill 301, which provides threshold requirements for marketplaces to collect and store information related to third party high-volume sellers and consistent with California privacy laws, and requires online marketplaces to suspect future sales activities of high-volume third-party sellers who are not in compliance with these reporting requirements.

• Assembly Bill 1700, which creates an online reporting tool managed by the Attorney General’s Office that provides the public with a mechanism for reporting organized retail theft.


Organized retail crime refers to a large-scale theft and fraud by individuals or groups that steal retail goods with the intent to resell, distribute, or return stolen merchandise for financial gain. 

According to a 2020 national survey, U.S. retailers lose approximately $700,000 to organized retail crime per every $1 billion in sales. 

"The Home Depot applauds Attorney General Bonta for committing to this agreement and the passage of SB 301 and AB 1700, legislation that will fight organized retail crime and help stop dangerous criminals from stealing from our stores," said Scott Glenn, Vice President of Asset Protection, The Home Depot.

"Organized Retail Crime is a prevalent issue for all retailers, online and physical, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution," said Anthony Williams, Director of California Public Policy, Amazon.