California Snow: Winter storms bring challenges to those heading to SoCal mountains

People looking forward to epic skiing conditions in the San Bernardino County mountains had to work pretty hard to get there.

FOX 11's Susan Hirasuna was at the chain checkpoint on Highway 18 Friday night, which is 10 miles from Lake Arrowhead – where cars were seen buried in snow earlier in the day.

At the checkpoint, drivers were seen pulling over to put on chains before continuing the trek to the snowy mountains. One of the drivers wisely elected to get professional help in adding traction to his tires.

"I haven't installed chains in so long, but they're able to do it so quick," said Vince Chua, of Long Beach. "I'd rather not be out here for 30 minutes trying to install chains."

Others, however, put the chains on the cars themselves.

"Safety first," said Humberto Granados, of Lake Arrowhead. "We don't want people to get stuck."