California gas prices set to rise July 1st

Starting July 1st Californians will be hit with a new gas tax, almost six cents per gallon. Bringing the tax total to almost 47 cents per gallon in the Golden State.

The tax was approved by voters last year to help pave roads and infrastructure. It's the latest increase from a 2017 law designed to raise about $5 billion a year for road and mass transit programs.

A 12 cent-per-gallon boost came that November, and voters last year rejected a Republican-led effort to repeal the law.

According to AAA drives in the LA area are paying on average $3.74 per gallon of regular gasoline, far above the national average of $2.71 calculated by AAA.

At several gas stations across the city there were long lines of people eager to fill up before the price goes up Monday.