California conservatives react to leak of Supreme Court memo on Roe v. Wade

As blue as California may be, there is a sizable and active conservative voice in the state.

Just a couple of week ago, for example, thousands of people rallied in Sacramento, against AB2223 which would stop coroners from having to investigate stillbirths. Among the protesters was Pastor Jack Hibbs from Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills. Today, he reacted to the possibility that the Supreme Court would do away with Roe v. Wade with optimistic caution.

"It’s a leak, of something that will not be completely decided until June, so we’ll have to see, but if it happens, as a Christian and abortion survivor, I’d be thrilled".

"It puts the decision back on the states, doesn’t it?" asked one woman we spoke to in Claremont.

That was the case before 1973, when Roe v. Wade was adopted, and it may be the case again. States like California would likely become a sanctuary for women seeking to terminate unwanted pregnancies in states that would ban abortions. That might galvanize conservatives in California even more, say some of the people we talked to.


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"If the Supreme Court actually overturns Roe v. Wade, we’re going to see two Americas. We can think about California subsiding or encouraging abortion tourism," said Amanda Holis-Brusky, Chair of the Political Science Department at Pomona College. 

Pastor Hibbs has noticed an upswing in Christian activism, especially among younger people. He expects more rallies, and welcomes anyone interested to find out how to join the movement at