Cal-OSHA considers relaxing COVID regulations for the workplace

The state agency in charge of workplace safety will consider relaxing COVID regulations for businesses and their employees.

The Cal-OSHA Standards Board will meet on Thursday and is expected to approve these new relaxed rules. Most of these changes would go into effect this summer.

One of the most noticeable changes - face coverings would no longer be required in a workplace if all employees are fully vaccinated. 

And by July 31, social distancing at work would come to an end if everyone in a workplace is vaccinated. 

For employees who aren't fully vaccinated - under the new rules, employers would have to pay for and provide COVID tests  - if they experience covid symptoms.

The changes come at a time when some businesses are introducing hybrid work schedules  and reducing or sub-leasing their office space: Twitter, Airbnb, and Splunk, in San Francisco, are just some examples.

Another challenge for employers and businesses will be how to determine whether their workers are fully vaccinated or not.

Many of the relaxed restrictions are contingent on workers in a shared space being fully vaccinated. 

Cal-OSHA hasn't given any guidance, about whether workers will be required to show proof of their vaccination to their employers or whether they'll be able to verbally say it - and trust they're telling the truth.