BreakUp Bar opens in Hollywood for the broken-hearted on Valentine's Day

Hate Valentine's Day?! Well, there's a bar for that.

Located in Hollywood, it's appropriately named the BreakUp Bar and is giving those who are single the chance to not celebrate love.

"It's pretty much the anti-Valentine's day bar," said Owner Evan Charest.

After being in the hospitality industry for years and dealing with the madness of Valentine's Day, Charest and his girlfriend came up with The BreakUp Bar.

The bar is a welcomed place for the broken-hearted. It has an 8 foot wall of broken relationships, where people leave not so nice notes about their exes.

There's also printouts of some pretty brutal breakups by text. If drowning in your sorrows is your thing, Charest says they have a drink for you.

"We have a drink called 'Tears of my Ex' and 'I Dealt with Your Parents for Years.'"

Break Up movies are playing non-stop on a big screen, and who needs someone to buy you chocolate when you can treat yourself to an array of desserts.

Most people visiting the bar admittedly are not cynics when it comes to love. They just enjoy making the best out of a bad situation.

The BreakUp Bar pop-up will be open through the weekend.