Boy, mother attacked by two dogs in Anaheim

Surveillance video captured two big dogs attacking a 2-year-old boy and his mother in Anaheim.

On Tuesday, the mother and little boy were attacked by their neighbor's dogs outside their Anaheim home.

The video shows the mother shielding her little boy as the dogs attacked. Another neighbor heard the commotion and came to their rescue after about five minutes.

Spencer Bishop, the boy's father and woman's husband, was at work at the time.

He says one of the dogs was put down after the attack. He added that the other dog was the roommate's dog, and he had never seen either of them before.

The little boy was taken to the hospital and was examined again by a doctor on Friday and is expected to be OK.

His legs are bandaged and he has bites on his face and hands and the mother suffered similar injuries, though she did not want to appear on camera.

An attorney for the Bishop family says the dogs are a mix of Rottweiler and pitbull.