Australian man wrongly convicted of murder killed in a hit-and-run in L.A.

An Australian man wrongly convicted of murder died in a hit-and-run in L.A.

56-year old Andrew Mallard spent 12 years in a Western Australian jail when investigators learned he was innocent. They freed him 13 years ago with a $3.25 million government settlement. He was in L.A. visiting his fiance when he was killed.

Surveillance video from nearby businesses shows Mallard walk into Consumer's Liquor Store at 1:30 a.m. Thursday to buy a pack of smokes. He lights up a cigarette and heads towards a car that looks to be his Uber. When he realizes it isn't, the Australian man crosses Sunset Boulevard at Formosa Avenue in Hollywood to wait.

The street is empty. Mallard seems to be looking at his phone, when all of a sudden, a silver car speeds down the road and hits him.

The silver car keeps going. A witness runs out onto Sunset, waving for help but Mallard isn't moving. A crowd gathers in the street around Mallard to protect him from traffic until firefighters arrive.

This is the fourth pedestrian hit and killed on Sunset Boulevard near Formosa in four months.

Mallard was looking forward to getting married and starting his new life.