At least 15 RVs pack LA homeowner's backyard in Sylmar

SkyFOX was over a bizarre setup in the San Fernando Valley Friday evening. A makeshift RV park was spotted in a Los Angeles resident's backyard.

The makeshift park just off Hubbard Street in Sylmar was packed with at least 15 RVs on the resident's property. 

Neighbors complain the "tenants" from the RV park are dumping human waste onto the street at night. 

It is unknown how long the homeowner has been hosting this many vehicles. It is also unknown how long the guests have stayed over at the homeowner's property.

The unusual setup comes as the homeless crisis continues to haunt Southern California. A new report published in 2023 revealed the homeless head count across Los Angeles went up 10% while the population went up by 9% countywide last year.

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