Arlington woman speaks out against claims she ‘dumped' dog

An Arlington mother says she and her family are living in fear, getting constant online threats, phone calls and even notes left at her home.

It's all because of a photo showing her driving away in her van while her dog was left in the street, and she says the photo does not tell the full story.

The driver asked that FOX 4 not show her face or reveal her name out of concern for her family's safety.

She's a nurse who claims she was transporting a physically challenged 5-year-old patient when she let the dog, Rocky, out to pee, and Rocky ran away.

The photo that has gone viral is of the woman's van near an office building on Oct. Outside with his paws on the van is 1-year-old Rocky, a German shepherd mix.

The person that took the picture claimed the dog was being dumped by the van driver, who was seen driving off.

"I have a patient that is disabled professionally," said the woman. "It's not safe to leave the 5-year-old girl in the car and be running up to Rocky."

While the family dog is still missing, angry animal advocates are showing up in force, blasting the woman's picture, address, and license plate all over social media.

Josh Ellis who works in the building where the picture was taken and says if the woman's story is true, he agrees with her decision.

"What's more important: taking care of a child or chasing down a puppy?" he said. "You have a situation where you have to make a tough decision there."

As Arlington police investigate the threats and Dallas Animal Services investigates the incident, the family plans to leave their home for a while until those responsible for the threats reach this understanding.

"If anyone finds Rocky, we want him back," said the driver of the van. "They need to stop posting all this. It's nuts. It's a misunderstanding."

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