Approved graphic doesn't match controversial American flag graphic on police cars

Laguna Beach City Council is set to make a decision Tuesday over the controversial new look of several police patrol cars.

Seven of the Laguna Beach Police Department patrol vehicles display an American flag graphic across the 'police' logo. The design sparked major controversy. Some residents in the city said they felt the design was too aggressive, while others were astonished that anyone would object to the American flag.

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The city council will decide at its Tuesday meeting whether to keep the logo or choose an alternative.

According to the council, the design that was placed on the patrol vehicles did not match the original design that was proposed and passed by the city council. The approved design did not feature the same bold colors that the vehicle graphics display.

The council said that when the police department staff began working with the graphics manufacture, they reportedly learned that the muted colors could not be replicated in the "proposed graphics," so the graphic with primary colors was produced and placed on some of the new black-and-white vehicles, as seen in the images of the vehicles.

Since that time, people began to express their concerns about the difference between the "proposed graphic" and the "actual graphic."

The decision will be made at the city council meeting, which is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Laguna Beach City Hall.