Anaheim's oldest resident celebrates 110th birthday

Connie Williams is one special lady. 

Anaheim's oldest resident just turned 110-years-young over the weekend, and she shared the special way she celebrated another year around the sun. 

Connie's wish to ride around the block for her birthday celebration in a fire truck was granted by the Anaheim Fire and Rescue squad - and it was all caught on camera! 

Here's a throwback of what was happening in 1912 when Connie was born:

  • 27th President of the United States William Howard Taft was in office 
  • The Titanic sank 
  • New Mexico and Arizona had just become part of the United States 
  • Fenway Park officially opened

Connie shared some fun facts about herself, too. Her first job was stuffing envelopes and filing, where she earned $10 per hour. Can you believe her rent was only $15 back then? 

Here are Connie's words of wisdom she wanted to share: 

Happy 110th birthday, Connie!