Anaheim Ducks 'Power Play' rejuvenates school

For the past week, kids at Richman Elementary in Fullerton speculated about the big surprise.

"I thought it was going to be a swimming pool, then a petting zoo!" said one 4th grader.

"Another student thought it might be a rollercoaster!" joked school Principal Kristen Holm.

Instead, it was a brand new hockey rink, courtesy of the Anaheim Ducks.

"It's so awesome!" one kid said with a big smile.

The Ducks putting the rink at Richman Elementary as part of the Power PLAY! a program meant to inspire kids in the community to stay athletic, to build good sportsmanship abilities, and to reach their full potential. To make that possible, the Ducks not only donated the outdoor rink, they also added landscaping and helped modify the school's garden.

Richman isn't the first school to get the Duck's Power PLAY treatment. Six other schools have had the makeover as well. This year the Ducks celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise that started back in 1993. To commemorate the milestone, the team is helping revamp a number of schools, and hoping to build the hockey community in California.