VIDEO: Amazon worker beats up man who allegedly punched female driver, tried to steal her delivery van

A pair of Amazon workers turned the tables against a man who allegedly tried to steal a delivery van.

TMZ shared a clip of the viral video, showing an Amazon worker beating up a man who briefly got inside one of the work vehicles. According to TMZ, the man had tried to steal an Amazon van, prompting one of the workers to jump in, take matters into his own hands and then beat up the man for allegedly trying to steal the work vehicle.

Prior to being beat up by the Amazon worker, the man had allegedly punched a different Amazon employee, a woman, several times before pulling her out of the work van, TMZ said in the report.

After the man got beat up, he briefly got inside the van again, but TMZ said the man eventually got arrested by police in New York.

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Officials have not released the identity of the man arrested in the incident. It is unknown if anyone else is expected to face charges in the fight.