After her senior prom was canceled, Alabama father surprises daughter with 'one dance' at home

A father in Alabama made sure his daughter got to experience her senior prom after the official event was canceled as a result of coronavirus restrictions on Saturday, April 4.

Marli Rodgers, a high school senior from Shelby, Alabama, was treated to a surprise prom at home by her father on the day her senior prom was due to take place.

In a Facebook post, Marli’s sister, Natalie, shared a photo of a handwritten note from their father, asking Marli for “one dance” at prom. “Will you go with me?” the note read, laid on top of a gown and a pair of heels.

This video shows Rodgers dancing with his daughter to a song by the Rascal Flatts at the family’s home in Shelby. Natalie wrote in a Facebook post:

“Memories we will cherish forever – even in the middle of the chaos and craziness.”

Photos show Marli, barefoot in her prom gown, embracing her father, who is seen wearing flip flops, a suit, and a baseball hat.


(Natalie Odgers via Storyful)


(Natalie Odgers via Storyful)


(Natalie Odgers via Storyful)


(Natalie Odgers via Storyful)


(Natalie Odgers via Storyful)