Adam Schiff on President Trump: "Those rallies are a narcotic for him"

This week, members of the House took what could be the most important vote they ever have to face... to impeach the president of the United States Donald Trump. 

One of the leaders of that impeachment is Burbank Congressman Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

A day after the historic vote he sat down with Elex Michaelson in a one-on-one interview. 

Schiff said the stain of impeachment will travel with President Trump for the rest of his life and for the rest of history. 

“His conduct brought us here, his conduct has made him only the 3rd president to be impeached, his misconduct and he’s going to have to live with that,” stated Rep. Schiff. 

During the impeachment vote President Trump was attending a rally in Michigan and took to the stage just minutes before. 

As Trump spoke — seemingly unaware for a stretch that the votes had been tallied — the House moved to impeach him on two counts. The first charges him with abuse of power for allegedly pressuring the president of Ukraine to investigate his Democratic rivals while crucial U.S. security aid was being withheld. The second charges him with obstruction of Congress for stonewalling investigative efforts.

Schiff says Trump likes going before adoring crowds and claims it makes the president feel better. 

“This president can’t stand to have anybody stand up to him and so to go to a crowd that is built into fawn over him is what he needs at the end of the day.”

Schiff goes on to say these rallies act like a narcotic for him. 

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