Actress, SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris target of death threat on Twitter

The threatening tweet says quote -- “let’s get rid of her once and for all!” That's accompanied by a violent depiction of a shootout with men wielding assault rifles.

A tweet that brings condemnation from the very top of one of the most powerful unions in Hollywood -- Gabrielle Carteris, the SAG-AFTRA president, says it's appalling and intolerable.

The union’s president is also one of the well-known stars of the iconic show Beverly Hills 90210. Carteris says she considers the tweet a death threat, which law enforcement is currently investigating.

The threatening tweet comes in the aftermath of the union’s just-completed presidential election. The SAG-AFTRA website shows the voter outcome, with the incumbent Gabrielle Carteris re-elected, only to now find herself the apparent target of suggested violence.

Carteris says the retweets incite violence, which is what we have seen already across our country. The threatening message is re-tweeted by a spokesman for Matthew Modine, the runner-up in the union election. Its also re-tweeted by membership first -- the opposition party that ran against Carteris, who says this has nothing to do with politics, it goes much deeper than that.

The tweet itself igniting a firestorm of reaction on social media. It now even brings apologies -- This from Adam Nelson from the opposition group:

“We sincerely apologize for the retweet which was performed in error and is expressly not a shared opinion. The retweet has since been undone-membership first affirmatively advocates only non-violent protests.”

Still the tweets and threats expose a division within the ranks of the actors and performers union. All at a time when its president says SAG-AFTRA, with its 160-thousand members, must stand together and stand united.

Carteris says, "We are here to serve our members making sure they have strong contracts and futures. That's our job."