Abandoned puppy without front legs gets new set of wheels

A puppy born without front legs was found abandoned and shivering in a cardboard box on a busy San Francisco street. According to the San Francisco SPCA, a man named Jene was sitting in a car on Mission street waiting for a friend, and watched as several people walked by the puppy and did nothing to help. Jene said one person even picked up the dog, and when they noticed the puppy was deformed, they put the small, shivering dog back in the soggy cardboard box.

"I just couldn't believe what I was seeing--why would anyone do that? Pick up the puppy, and then put her right back in the box?" Jene told the SF SPCA.

Jene scooped up the tiny dog, wrapped her in a t-shirt and brought her to the SF SPCA, where she was given the name Daffodil. Then, things started to look up for the adorable Chihuahua puppy.

The SF SPCA says despite her deformities, Daffodil had the energy, playfulness typical of a puppy.

The nonprofit decided to fit Daffodil with her very own set of wheels. Veterinarians ordered a cast-making kit from a company called OrthoPets in Colorado, which specializes in animal prosthetics.

Daffodil was fearless when she took her first steps attached to her new wheels!

An employee at the prosthetics company in Colorado, who was receiving updates on Daffodil's status, fell in love with the adorable dog. She was surprised to learn that Daffodil hadn't already been adopted, and decided to submit an application. The rest, as they say, is history. Here is Daffodil with her new owner and in her new home, romping with a new companion: