A school model for a new California

As schools across the state remain closed and teachers and parents work to navigate distance learning, one academy has it all figured out and could be a model of what’s to come in A New California.

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“We are an online, tuition-free public charter school. We are an independent study. Our students work from home, our teachers work from home,” says Angie Covil, Director of High School of the California Virtual Academies, also known as CAVA.

Teachers and students working from home is a way of life for those enrolled at the California Virtual Academies. The K-12 online school has approximately 13,000 students statewide, including almost 4,000 in the Los Angeles area.

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The fully accredited institution has been around for almost 20 years. Covil says Covid-19 has proven their program is pandemic proof and has even caught the attention of shutdown districts seeking advice.

She provides these tips

:1)  Above all, districts need to get teachers trained in the online space so they know how to instruct virtually.

2)  Once trained, teachers need to get to know their students’ parents because, she says, those parents become a teacher’s biggest advocate at home.

3) Also, she advises teachers to set-up a support structure for parents.

Her advice for parents: “I think the biggest thing is, give yourself some grace. This is not the easiest thing to do in the world and know that the way your student interacts with you is not necessarily the way they interact with their teachers.”As for a student’s success, Covil says establishing a routine and a designated workspace at home is key.

If you’d like more information about CAVA, visit https://cava.k12.com/