A FOX 11 reporter joins millions of seniors asked to stay home

Normally, I drive down the 405 freeway to West LA each workday and do my thing. Not on this day. On Sunday Governor Newsom said those of us 65 and older should stay home.

FOX management and I thought that it was a good idea to follow the Governor's recommendations.

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To be clear I'm NOT sick. I have no symptoms. No fever either. It's just that I'm in an at-risk age group. As you know, I'm just over 39. Okay... haha... I'm over 65.

So, how does my staying home help? To keep my distance, I had photographer Carlos Jacinto head to Dr. Nancy Gin with Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena and he recorded the answers to the questions I asked her by phone. "Does it help that I'm home instead of the studio and in the field?" I wanted to know. Another question. How long could this "Senior Isolation" go on. Gin told us that the CDC recommends 8 weeks, but Newsom said Sunday he wanted to try "senior isolation" for a couple of weeks and then reassess. 

Meanwhile, some agencies that help seniors are getting more calls for assistance including Meals on Wheels. Three different Meals on Wheels locations all reported an increased number of calls from people with interest.

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