8-year-old takes first steps after 12-hour brain tumor removal surgery

A proud mom captured video of her 8-year-old son taking his first steps after having a brain tumor removed.

Justin Sullivan is recovering at the Boston Children’s Hospital, according to his mom's, Jessica Sullivan's, Facebook page. 

In the video that was posted on April 28, Justin is seen being wheeled into the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) where a team of healthcare workers prep him before he takes his first steps after his 12-hour surgery.

With some words of encouragement, Justin is hoisted out of his chair and starts his trek across the PICU. He starts off a bit wobbly but soon gets his rhythm and struts like a champ, with some assistance from the healthcare workers surrounding him.

His mom is heard behind the camera telling him what a great job he’s doing.

“Good job, buddy,” Sullivan said as her son walks with surprising ease. “Look at me. Give me a thumbs up,” to which Justin replies with a smile and thumbs up to the camera.

Sullivan also noted that to further encourage Justin, the healthcare professionals put on some music from his favorite artists which included Drake and Future.

Justin had about 90 percent of his brain tumor removed during the 12-hour operation, according to Sullivan. The remaining tumor could not be removed due to it being too deep and too involved with his brainstem, she said.

Sullivan continues to document her son’s recovery on her Facebook page. As of May 1, Justin was taken out of PICU and into the pediatric ward where he will start his rounds of chemotherapy and will hopefully be back home in the coming weeks.

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