15-year-old escaped inmate accused of killing his mom back in police custody

A 15-year old accused murderer escapes from the Orange County Juvenile Hall Friday morning and is captured hours later.

At about, 9 p.m. a team following up on leads located Ike Souzer at the McDonald's near the corner of Euclid Street and Glenoaks Avenue in Anaheim where he received medical treatment at the scene for puncture wounds to his leg he may have suffered during the jailbreak, said law enforcement officials in a press conference Friday night.

Investigators believe Souzer stabbed his mom to death two years ago. And now, detectives can't find him.

A person has not escaped from the Orange County Juvenile Hall in more than 20 years. But a prior inmate told reporters this was planned and well thought out.

"He had gained access outside of the housing unit and then gained access to a roof," said Chief Probation Officer Steve Sentman. "Juvenile Hall staff did see him on the roof and immediately began security protocol, including activating a citywide alarm and notifying law enforcement."

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Just after midnight on Friday, surveillance footage captured 15-year-old Souzer hiding behind a bush, next to the OC Juvenile Hall wall. He looks left and right and walks out - free.

In red pants and a white t-shirt, the youth rounds the corner, then ducks down behind bushes again and pulls up his pant leg. He wipes off what is likely blood from his leg and onto the grass, then looks up and realizes he's on camera and takes off running.

A third camera angle shows him walking calmly in front of the medical center entrance and then north towards City Drive.

US Marshals, the FBI, Orange County District Attorney and Sheriff's Office investigators and probation officers immediately went on the hunt to track down Souzer and anyone who may have been helping him.

"If you can imagine, we have 80 extremely professional investigators overturning every clue that they possibly can," says Chief Sentman. "They've been covering the transportation avenues, they've been covering medical avenues, family avenues, friend avenues, they've been hitting on every avenue possible to track these individuals."

Souzer is described as a white male, 6 feet tall, with dark hair and eyes and about 200 pounds.

In 2017, when Souzer was 13, investigators say his mom told them he stabbed her to death right before she died. The case is still going through court.