In Depth: Offshore drilling, hidden bias, new drive-in

Segment One – Offshore Drilling
Hal is joined by Pete Stauffer, the Environmental Director of the Surfrider Foundation. Topics of discussion include President Biden’s Executive Order halting offshore drilling and what that means to us on the West Coast.

Whether the ban can be made permanent; Offshore Wind Farms and how they can be used to offset climate change; how the Surfrider Foundation works, and what the future looks like for environmental protection.
Segment Two – Hidden Bias
Hal speaks to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Bethany Cook, about the feelings of bias that we may not even be aware that we have.

Topics of discussion include: why bias isn’t necessarily bad; when it is damaging and why; how to root out hidden biases, and how to make yourself less prejudiced as a person- what tactics to use.
Segment Three – New Drive-In Movie Concept
Hal speaks with Ben Chou, the Founder and CEO of WE Drive-ins.  Topics include how Chou is striving to bring back the arts during the time of COVID, the Concept behind the New Drive In which will show first-run movies with state-of-the-art equipment; where the drive-in is located; the price, the meal and snack options, and what upcoming movies will be shown there.
Segment Four
We close with video of the zoom court hearing that goes wrong because of a cat filter.