The Issue Is: Rep. Karen Bass, Gov. Deval Patrick, John and Deborah Kobylt

The Issue Is... Impeachment and the presidential race. 

Calif. Congresswoman Karen Bass is a member of the Judiciary Committee, who took the lead in this week's hearings. 

Bass says she would, indeed, vote to impeach President Trump.

Bass says Senate Republicans could choose to pursue a "secret ballot" to convict & remove the President. 

We also talked to Bass about the departure of CA Senator Kamala Harris from the presidential race. 

As Harris departs, former Massachusettes Gov. Deval Patrick is a new addition to the field. 

Although Deval hasn't qualified for the 6th Democratic debate, he feels a "generational responsibility" to shape "big responses to big challenges" facing the nation.

Among those, healthcare and homelessness.

Instead of subscribing to the progressive "Medicare-for-All" policy, he believes that "there is some value in having tension that comes from the government and private sector trying to solve a similar problem."

In confronting homelessness, he makes clear that "without... wraparound services...shelter alone, in many cases, is not going to be enough."

Finally, husband-wife duo, John and Deborah Kobylt, debate impeachment, the 2020 race, and share the secrets of a happy marriage in which both spouses often disagree on politics.

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