Sun Valley homeless accused of siphoning power and more

Furious and fed-up residents of Sun Valley are accusing the local homeless population of siphoning power from light poles in an attempt to power their RV’s, leading to a fire that incinerated an RV, and nearly caught a business on fire. 

LA, California cities `overrun' by rats, study says

Fueled by an increasing homeless population and government restrictions on select pesticides, rat infestations have spiked in major cities across California, most notably Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, according to a report released on Tuesday by a political action committee.

L.A. Mayor Disaster Preps

Mayor Eric Garcetti called on residents to step up their disaster preparedness. He’s said many times, we should, “be prepared, have a plan.” But now, he wants us to do more than be prepared at our home and workplace. He’s calling on us to organize the neighbors around our homes to add a first layer of support.