Thrashbird, Los Angeles street artist, talks technology, social media validation and art

If you live in Los Angeles, you may have seen a stencil of a man wearing a hoodie, hunched over and glued to a phone screen.

They're stenciled all over the city, left behind by street artist Thrashbird. He calls the man "The Clone," and often puts them intentionally on the ground as a subtle message for people walking and staring at their own phones.

Thrashbird is known for his street art that uses satire and humor to highlight things in our culture -- like reliance on technology, advertising overload, and our society's obsession with fame and social media.

He says his art is a mirror to himself as much as anyone else in society.

His "artistic update" on Paul Smith's iconic pink wall on Melrose Avenue, a popular spot for tourists and social media influencers to take photos, recently received a lot of news coverage when he wrote across the wall in giant letters, "GO F-CK UR SELFIE."

He joined me on Olympic & Bundy and we chatted about the inner conflict of smart phones, the Paul Smith pink wall, what irritates him about the way street art has evolved, his Valley of Secret Values project and a lot more.

Listen to the full episode with Thrashbird on Nov. 11.

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