Woman reportedly ran over by car in parking lot of Thousand Oaks High School

Lisa Solis remains in critical condition Saturday night after deputies say a male juvenile intentionally ran her over.

Solis tried chasing the boy down in a parking lot during a basketball game at Thousand Oaks High School Friday night.

Deputies say the boy had stolen candy from a concession stand inside. Solis tracked him down in the parking lot and tried standing in front of his car to prevent him from leaving. She also took out her phone to snap a photo. Deputies say the boy then drove over her, narrowly missing her head.

The driver was found at his house and has been booked into a juvenile center.

Solis's coworkers say she did the announcements at the school.

"She was the first voice we heard in the morning," a coworker said.

He said she was also responsible for coordinating all the major schools events.

If you want to help the Solis family here is the Gofund me link.