We're headed to Mars, but what will life be like on the red planet?

Are you ready to live on Mars? Well, if you're up for it, that could be a reality as soon as 2025. But could you afford it? Could anyone? With current technology, a flight to Mars would cost about $10 billion. Do you have that much put away in your vacation fund?

According to Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk, who is leading the initiative, flights in the near future will cost the same as the average American home, about $200,000.

OK, so now you're on Mars. What is there to do? Robert Zubrin, an aerospace engineer and president of the Mars Society, says that, "settling on Mars would be very similar to when the Europeans settled in America."

Fortune.com states there are companies already investing in mining projects, like Planetary Resources, who suggest there may be $50 billion worth of platinum on minable asteroids.

Mars will also need inventors to create tools that solve new problems, farmers to grow crops, teachers to teach the young, and someone who is really good at logistics to make this all work.

If Musk is sure about one thing, it's "jobs will not be in short supply."