Wednesday's Child: Tech-savvy Angel would love a family that would help him chase his dreams

Meet Angel, an active and expressive 11-year-old kid in foster care in need of an adoptive family.

As a child growing up in foster care, he’s gone through a lot. But Angel has a determined personality and is not a stranger to rising to the occasion. 

Some of Angel’s interests include technology, such as the ones being used for gaming. To dive into another aspect of tech, Angel explored the world of robotics and took to the challenge of a robot build at Rolling Robots in Glendale.

Angel is a kid who picks up knowledge and is able to integrate it fairly fast. Prior to entry into the foster care system, Angel missed a lot of school but was able to catch up to two grade levels in a matter of a few months. Angel does well with clear instructions and structure and he’s able to thrive under these conditions. Angel adhered to the detailed step-by-step instructions that were given in a patient and supportive fashion and was successful in his building of an automated mechanical tabletop "crab" robot. 

Angel also loves sports, NFL football in particular, and his fantasy "job" would be to play NFL football.

Angel has a loyal personality and a kind and genuine heart that will mesh well with a patient and supportive forever family. We’re looking for a family to not only provide safety and unconditional love, but also the guidance needed to help Angel dream of and build a bright future!

Tune in to Wednesday’s Child and then call to learn more about Angel and about adoption at 866-921-ADOPT (2367).