Viral video claims to show family sneaking older child into Disney World using baby stroller

A viral TikTok video allegedly shows a family attempting to sneak a child into Magic Kingdom at Disney World using a baby stroller.

The video was posted by TikToker @myfrienditsmebarbie and has racked up over 7 million views. In the clip, a family wheels a child sitting in an infant car seat through the entrance of the theme park past a cast member, who smiles and waves at them.

Once inside, the child is seen being pulled out of the stroller. While it's not known how old the child is, the video – entitled "When Disney ticket prices go up" – implies that the kid is old enough to need a purchased ticket.

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Currently, kids under 3 years of age do not have to pay for admission to Disney parks. 

You can view video below or HERE.

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Most viewers on TikTok found it hilarious and were supportive. Here are some of the best comments: 

"My parents use to make me do this."

"I support her. Why not. And I don't even have kids. DO IT parents. Disney wanna charge almost an adult tix for a toddler/child."

"My son is 4 but at Disneyland he knows he’s 2."

"You do what you gotta do!!"

"We just teach our kids to lie about their age but this is epic!"

"I wish I could do that with my 5’9 16 year old son."

A recent survey of Disney enthusiasts found that 92.6% believe the cost of a Disney World vacation is now out of reach for average families. The price of a single day ticket to a Walt Disney World park is $109.