'Vice' star Tyler Perry talks about upcoming Oscars with Fox 11's Amanda Salas

We are in awards season, and this week is officially Oscars Week!

The film Vice received eight Academy Award nominations. One of the stars of the film is Tyler Perry who is famous for portraying the character "Madea."

Fox 11's Amanda Salas sat down with Tyler Perry during his "A Madea Family Funeral" press tour. She brought up a time where Perry presented at the 2010 Academy Awards and said: "They just said my name at the Oscars, I better enjoy it because it will probably never happen again."

Nine years later, Perry is a part of one of the most nominated and acclaimed films this year! So what would present Tyler say to "Presenter Tyler"?

Speaking of Vice, what would Madea's first order of business be if she was in the White House? "Change out all the desks!" said Perry in that famous Madea voice.

The Academy Awards air on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019.