Tred founder Grant Feek shares tips on what to look for when buying a used car

Are you in the market for a new car? 

A new Carfax report says one in four used cars sold every year were in a recent accident within the last 12 months.
FOX 11's Vanessa Borge spoke with founder Grant Feek to get expert advice on things to watch for before driving off the lot.

First, know the pros and cons of buying from a dealership versus a private seller! 
"If you go to a dealership, you get the advantage of having some assurance you won’t get defrauded. You have payment convenience and warranties and gap coverage. But you're going to pay more for it. Through a private dealer, you'll pay less but you have to wade through fraud issues," Feek said. 
However, dealerships are in the business of profit and at your expense. 
Feek says "If you're selling your car, you're going to get 20 percent less trading in a dealer and conversely you’ll pay 20 percent more going to a dealer than buying on Craigslist."
In addition, some car brands are better than others when it comes to buying used. 
“Some of the most popular used cars are Toyotas. They maintain their value really well same with Hondas. Also, a lot of the Asian makes hold their value and a little cheaper to repair,” says Feek.  
Also, when to buy is key to saving as well.
"Buying at the end of the month is a great idea because there are sales quotas," Feek added. 
When you see the car you want, make sure you take it for a spin. 

Most importantly, be patient. Don't let a salesman bully you into making a purchase.
"If that dealership doesn’t meet the price that you want, don’t be afraid to walk out," Feek said. 
Checkout out, Kelly Blue Book, Carfax and any helpful resource before you buy. 

Grant's number one advice: buy a vehicle protection plan. No matter what happens with your used car, it protects you and the vehicle in case anything goes wrong.