Tips on getting a better night's sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is important for so many reasons: Better skin, stronger immunity, lower stress and keeping off unwanted weight.

Gary Trudell of Custom Comfort Mattress, who has made over the bedrooms of celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Sharon Osbourne, joined us on Good Day LA.

Sleep sharpens attention and makes you healthier - aiding weight loss, improving your complexion, stabilizing your metabolism and boosting immunity. Getting the proper amount of ZZZ's also reduces your risk of stress and disease.

Here are some tips and tricks on getting the best sleep possible:

Bedroom Environment
-- Temperature - 68-72 ideal for sleeping
-- Color - soothing tones, peaceful, like blues and grays
-- Black out shades - darks rooms trigger release of melatonin
-- Lighting - different levels of light are always best - dimmers overhead and soft lights closer to eye level

-- Natural fibers - cooler, more breathable (can be silky like bamboo OR crisp like cottons)
-- Thread count is not always the most important thing to pay attention to.
-- It's more important to pay attention to the fiber quality - which is actually the length of the fiber. Longer fibers like Egyptian, Pima and many silks, are the types of threads that give the quality and feel of a good sheet. Even a 300 or 600 thread count in Egyptian or Pima will feel different than if it's just a regular, cheaper cotton thread.

-- Comfort - fitting each individual properly based on sleeping position, body type, sleep history
-- Natural - A mattress should use a lot of natural materials - cooler, more durable, breathable, good for helping with allergies
-- Watch out for mattresses that use a lot of foams - petrochemical based, don't breath so run hot b/c synthetic, will dip, this is 95% of the industry today unfortunately.
-- Look for double sided - longer lasting, healthier
-- Emerging trends: oversize mattresses - Custom Comfort has the Hollywood King and the Bel Air King, which is a 8 foot by 8 foot giant bed to give you all the space you need for a healthy night's sleep.

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