The crisis in Syria and a new California-launched mission to Mars

On Friday the 13th President Trump ordered strikes against Syria to deal with their chemical weapons. Just hours earlier, we heard from two sides in the ongoing debate over the crisis in that middle eastern country.

SEGMENT A: The side that sides with the US and wants more action against the Assad regime. In studio to discuss are Suzanne Meridan with the Syrian-American Council and Tamar & Philip Koosed with Save The Syrian Children.

SEGMENT B: The other side that supports the Syrian dictator and why. We here in this segment from owners and customers in a Los Angeles Syrian restaurant why they think Assad should be supported and the U.S. should keep its nose out of the country's business. We also hear about the fears they have for their famlies overseas.

SEGMENT C: Why is the next Mars mission launching from Southern California and how early do you have to get up to see it zoom across our sky. Troy Hudson has an important role with the mission. We hear from him. Set your alarms!

SEGMENT D: We have a very special Earth Day program for next week's FOX 11 News IN DEPTH. We preview it in this segment.

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