Suspected internet gambling ring busted in Santa Clarita

When 37-year-old Cyrus Irani of Valenica woke up this morning he no doubt had no idea he'd be heading off to jail in the company of the FBI and the local authorities, but that's what happened.

The Feds allege he's the ringleader of an illegal sports gambling operation established through the website Like so many of its competitors.. it's fairly simple, you sign up, give them your credit card, and then either bet on line or via a phone call, everything from auto races to football to baseball to you name it.

The problems is, from the law enforcement point of view, it's all illegal, even if your website is hosted ''offshore'' as many are. Of course everyone in law enforcement understands that the sports gambling industry is something that involved billions of dollars, and taking down one website even with a couple thousand members isn't going to end it, but that's not their problem. Meantime Irani's neighbors in this quiet residential neighborhood will have plenty to talk about.

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