Stretches for your common body ailments

Life is full of stressors. Every day we continue to put our body in unnatural positions that inevitable cause aches, pains and tightness. These repeated stressors lead to muscle imbalances, that can lead to lack of movement which then causes pain. So let's get your body back to balance!

1. Text Neck is a result of constantly looking down at our smartphones (our laptops, our plates of food, ect). The front of our neck is constantly being contracted, these muscles get tight and its makes it even harder for us to be comfortable when the head is in a natural position. So we want to elongate muscles in front of neck; main one being the scalene muscles. This will help really open up the neck and release the muscles all the way into the Jaw line.

2. Slouch shoulders from sitting at our desk all day (Due to tight chest and front shoulder muscles) - This puts stress on the back and compresses everything in the front of the shoulder.

Wall Slides Movement - This will help open up the front of the should and chest and strengthen the muscles in the back. Additionally, it will help train the body to help keep the core engaged when we reach our arms over our head.

3. Correlations of low back discomfort/stress and a desk job - the piriformis muscle. (Being seated tightens this one muscle and therefore it pull on the low back as it gets tighter and tighter.)

The more stressed you are the tighter your body is and more tense the muscles will be. So the purpose of the nutrients is to put the muscles in a more relaxed state. This can be done by properly hydrating your body and providing it the proper minerals for muscle relaxation. Avocado is a healthy dose of magnesium and potassium and it is more than enough to do the trick!

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