SoCal artist shoots for record of largest painted mural alongside building

Artist Robert Vargas is working on his most ambitious project yet: a towering mural 14 stories above downtown LA.

"I definitely think it's unusual for downtown because it's so dense and especially to have a canvas this size right in the heart of DTLA right in the edge of the historic core," says Vargas.

He began the 60,000 square foot mural about a month ago. He thinks he should have it complete by January. When finished, he hopes to break the record of largest mural ever completed by a single artist.

"I don't use grids or preliminary drawings. Like all of my murals, I always paint free hand with brushes, says Vargas.

Up close, high above the street on a window washer's rig is where he works every day now. We joined him 12 stories up and once there, you can see each brush stroke in detail.

He's calling it "Angelus."

"The message is really a celebration of Los Angeles and the cultural diversity that makes up this great city," says the artist.

When complete, Vargas says there will be several iconic pieces of the city imbed in the mural including Angels Flight and perhaps a nod to the Olympics headed here for the 3rd time. He also plans to hold a contest letting others describe his hometown for a chance to get their face on the wall as well.

To follow his progress and check out his other work, head to @TheRobertVargas on Instagram.