School Standouts: Taft High School sophomore is a fierce multi-sport athlete, force in the classroom

A sophomore at Taft High School is not only making a name for herself with success in sports, but is also a force in the classroom who maintains an incredible grade point average. 

Faith Gibbs,15, is not the tallest and is not the strongest young lady on campus, but from the court to the classroom she’s a game changer!  A four-sport student athlete, she competes in mostly varsity with a near-perfect 3.9 GPA.  

In addition, she’s winning awards and receiving accolades in softball, tennis, volleyball and basketball.  

Faith doesn’t like to brag, but with hardware like this, she doesn’t have to.
Faith sent shockwaves through the crowd a few weeks ago with a last second steal and buzzer beater to beat rival Van Nuys' Birmingham Community Charter High School by one point just as time expired.

So where did Faith develop her abilities, and her drive to compete?  One word.  FAMILY.  Faith’s dad, JC and Mom, Trinita, know champions are not made in games,  but are made in practice.  Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, season after season. Faith's mom, known affectionately as Mama Gibbs, serves as the Team Mom for all Faith’s sports and her dad takes on the role of an instructor.  

Team sports are not the only ones Faith dominates.  She’s a champion racer too, racing pocket bikes, superbikes, and BMX.  When Faith’s not racing bikes, she’s fixing them.  She can rebuild a carburetor as easily as doing an oil change.  

Faith says sje aspires to be a computer engineer.