'Say Yes to the Prom' gives 200 underserved students free dresses

Going to the prom is a dream for so many high school students, but for some the cost makes it out of reach. That's where "Say Yes to the Prom" comes in.

More than two hundred underserved L.A. students get to say yes to a free prom dress courtesy of the Discovery Channel and corporate sponsors.

Remahnie Cotton a senior at Crenshaw High School says prom costs a lot,"Everything is expensive you have to party the car it's a lot So this helps. This knocks the dress out of the way."

Stylists help these teens get prom ready by choosing the right dress shoes and accessories but this event is about much more than just prom night.

Adria Alpert-Romm, creator is Say Yes to the Prom & Chief HR. Officer for Discovery says, 'A renewed sense of confidence a feeling beautiful feeling, and that someone cares they also get scholarship information and what's in store ahead of them.'

And celebrity stylist and TV host Monte Durham makes sure these girls are walking away in style.