Puppy stolen, sold on Craigslist reunited with owner

A Santa Clarita woman who says her ex-boyfriend sold her dog on Craigslist and then broke up with her, has been reunited with her puppy thanks to an Encino couple.

Ashley Farley says she received a missed call and a text Wednesday night, a day after her story aired on Fox 11. The text said, "Hi, we have your dog," according to Farley. She then went to go pick up her furry companion at a home in Encino where she said the couple willingly gave Ella back to her.

Farley moved to Southern California to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional singer but in the process, suffered anxiety and depression and that's when Ella came into the picture as her emotional support animal.

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While her then out-of-state boyfriend stayed with her, Farley says he took her dog and sold it while she was at work. He then broke up with her but offered no explanation as to why he did it.

Farley filed a police report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department after her dog was sold but despite it all, Farley says she's not upset about the breakup, she just wanted Ella back. Looks like that wish came true.