Oh deer! Firefighters rescue 2 deer caught in fence in Westlake Village

Firefighters in Westlake Village recently had to rescue a pair of deer caught in the act of trespassing.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department Instagram account recently shared a video of crews working to free two deer stuck in a fence at what appeared to be the gated community of Westlake Pointe in Westlake Village. 

The video was shared on Instagram early Monday. In it, the two deer, caught in separate fences, kicked violently trying to get themselves unstuck. 

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"Engine and Patrol 144 in Westlake Village were able to assist two deer stuck in a sticky situation," the post read. "Thankfully, LACoFD firefighters had the necessary resources to assist and make a difference in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of these two deer."

In the video, firefighters used pry tools to help wedge the animals out, while they shouted in fear. It showed them freeing one of the deer, which had some trouble regaining its balance before it ran off