No need to worry about the 5 asteroids passing by Earth this weekend

Five asteroids are expected to pass by Earth over the weekend, NASA said in a post published earlier this month. 

NASA’s Asteroid Watch dashboard, which tracks asteroids and comets that will make relatively close approaches to Earth, currently lists five asteroids, one of which the space agency deliberately crashed a spacecraft into in September 2022. 

Currently the dashboard shows five asteroids that will pass our home planet between June 23 and 25. 

The asteroids vary in size with the smallest being the size of a car while the biggest one, named 467336 (2002 LT38), is about the size of a football stadium.

NASA recently published footage from the September 2022 mission in which their spacecraft crashed into the massive asteroid known as Dimorphos. 

This footage, posted by NASA in September 2022, shows the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) which purposefully impacted on Dimorphos in order to move it. It was the first mission in the world to trial technology that would protect Earth from potential asteroid collisions.

The car-sized asteroid will come the closest to Earth at approximately 76,900 miles while the largest asteroid is recorded to have its closes Earth approach set at 4.1 million miles.